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Ginette Beaulieu

Born in Amqui in 1954.
Training: 1979-1980: Classical techniques
of Renaissance Masters.
Mediums: Oil, pastel and pencil.
Honours: The Anne Sigier Edition published a book about Ginette Beaulieus work in 1994. From 1990 to now, she has won different prizes in many exhibitions. She was also president of honor, in different art events. In 2006, one of her pieces was chosen for the exposition at the Louvre Museum in Paris.
Collections: Her work is public and private collections throughout the world.

Ginette Beaulieu, , 2015, Huile, 30 po. x 20 po.VENDU SOLD Ginette Beaulieu, Le jardin secret, 2015, Huile, 40 po. x 30 po. VENDU SOLD Ginette Beaulieu, Intemporel, 2014, Huile, 24 po. x 18 po  VENDU SOLD Ginette Beaulieu, , 2014, Huile, 10 po. x 12 po. Ginette Beaulieu, Le collier de lys, 2014, Huile, 12 po.x 16 po. Ginette Beaulieu, Intemporel, 2014, Huile, 24 po. x 20 po. VENDU Ginette Beaulieu, Les horizons de soie, 2014, Huile, 48 po. x 40 po.  VENDU SOLD Ginette Beaulieu,  La colombe et le collier d'Agathe, 2014, Huile, 16 po. x 18 po. Ginette Beaulieu, L'anneau, 2014, Huile, 14 po. x 14 po. Ginette Beaulieu, , 2014, Huile, 48 po. x 40 po.

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